“We have the dream to play in Jamor” – Gonçalo Brandão

“We want and we have a dream to play in Jamor and so we will face the game very seriously” began Gonçalo Brandão, who spoke about the move to Faro, the first match in the Taça de Portugal Placard.

A few days after the debut in the cup of the cups, the defender spoke of the expectations for the match. “Farense is a difficult team that plays in a complicated stadium and with experienced players. We want to win and we are working towards this” he said, highlighting the value of the team currently playing in the Campeonato de Portugal but with extensive experience in Liga e Liga 2. “It’s going to be a great game and we’re ready for a big battle” he added.

And not forgetting that this is the cup party, Gonçalo Brandão expects a good atmosphere for the Algarve: “I am sure that Faro fans and also our fans will provide a great environment”.

Remember that the game is scheduled for 15 hours the next Sunday that will take place at the Estádio de São Luís.

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