“The next game is always the best for a turn” – Pedro Monteiro

Sunday is election day in Portugal. For the country the representatives of the municipalities are elected for the next four years and in Braga, in the Municipal Stadium, by the result that dictate the marker in the end, the winner of the match between estorilistas and arsenalistas is chosen. On this “suffrage” said Pedro Monteiro, who returns to a house that opened the door of the main Portuguese football.
“It will be a difficult game in which we will be faithful to our principles of play, trying to be more consistent and making goals on the opposing goal, we want to give our best and make a good game. The last games have been identical, we with the control of the game and the opponent goes to the goal once or twice and scores goals. Sometimes it is a matter of detail and not only the defense because we started to defend there. errors that we have seen during the week and that we want to correct” he added.

Pedro Monteiro believes that the team will return to winning ways and understands that Sunday Estoril Praia has the best opportunity to reverse the cycle. “We have not seen an easy moment but that is not why we are going to change our principles because there are things that are being done right. Let’s correct the mistakes and the next game is always the best for us, the one we see as a point of turning” he said, refusing to talk about his opponent’s fatigue as a major factor:” SC Braga has a squad filled with good players and there are not eleven, the team is going to roll. ”

On the return to Braga, a variety of feelings, arranged in separate places. “It will be special because SC Braga gave me the chance to show me in the first League, but now I’m in Estoril, I’m very happy and my friends are friends, business apart. I’ll defend this team with everything I have”.
The game is scheduled for next Sunday at 17.15. The team continues to prepare for this meeting and tomorrow will have another working session at 9:30 am, behind closed doors.




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