“Correct what is needed and work hard” – Pedro Emanuel

The work week was based on three simple fundamentals, enumerated by coach Pedro Emanuel at the press conference previewing the game with GD Chaves: “Correct what is necessary for the last game and work hard”.

After beating Moreirense (3-0), Luís Castro’s team deserved an evaluation of Pedro Emanuel. “The opponent comes from a positive result after going through a very difficult cycle, this is part of what teams are all about throughout the season. Above all, we are focused on our work without neglecting the quality of GD Chaves, who has ideas clear team and a very experienced team.It has fast players on the wings and quality in the midfield that can make a difference at any moment”.

In the seventh round, the team wants to return to the triumphs before the Estorilistas, at Estádio António Coimbra da Mota. “It is in the details that we often win the games and if we correct the details and continue to believe in what is our idea of ​​game we will end up having the success that we want,” said the coach, without forgetting the support that the team will have in Amoreira . “At home we want to have a consistent performance to get all three points.”

Artur Soares Dias, the appointed referee for the meeting, will sound the initial whistle at 4 pm this Saturday.


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