“We believe in our abilities” – Moreira

It’s already this Monday that Estoril Praia debut the season 2017/2018 in the Estádio António Coimbra da Mota, in front of its fans. The opponent is Vitória SC, who will face a team with “will to score points”. The mote for the match was given by goalkeeper Moreira.

After a few entrances and exits, the pre-season period and the Dragon debut, how do you see the team at the moment?

Moreira (M) – The team is in the process of growth and learning. We did a good pre-season, the first game did not go well at the level of result but it was used to learn and detect errors. Now it’s obvious that, with all due respect for Vitoria SC, we will get strong on Monday and very keen to score points.

This game in which the team did not achieve the intended result served as apprenticeship?

M – Of course, this week we were working to correct these mistakes, the whole group is receptive to the ideas of the coach, we know what we want, we know the intensity we want to have in each training so that later this is reflected in the game. We are confident, the championship is going to be very long and we want points. The home games have a lot of weight and so we will try to start with the right foot against a difficult opponent and that has a lot of quality.

A few days of home debut what is the spirit of the team for that game in Amoreira?

M – The team is doing well. Maybe with a little of that normal anxiety of the first game at home, with our fans, and of course we want to give them a lot of joy, both them and us because the work group deserves and Estoril as well. With the supporters to support we will give the maximum and, together, we will get a good result.

What appreciation do you give to the Vimaranenses?

M – Vitória SC are an excellent team, recently competed in the Super Cup and are in the Europa League. It’s a difficult opponent but we also believe in our abilities.

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