“We will be the team that will always be on the lookout”- Pedro Emanuel

“Difficult game, in an adverse environment” so is expected to be the debut estorilista in the NOS League, against FC Porto, with a Dragão at maximum capacity. In the preview press conference the coach Pedro Emanuel took over the difficulties but refuses to speak in “teams of another championship”.

“In many moments we will not be the controllers of the game, but the team that will always be on the lookout to be able to make a difference in the moments that have the ball,” he began by saying the coach, he wants a team “cohesive, “Clairvoyance”.

The Estorilista team has the goals for the 2017/2018 season well defined and for such a scoring is maximum for any match and opponent. “We aim to finish in the first half of the leaderboard and that means we want to score points in every game. This is clear in our speeches and even more so in our heads” he added.

Hugo Miguel, of the Associação de Futebol de Lisboa, was the appointed referee for the game. He will be assisted by Ricardo Santos and Bruno Jesus, and Rui Oliveira will assume the duties of fourth arbitrator. Luís Ferreira will be at the helm of the video-referee.

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