“We are going to give our everything to assure plenty of celebration moments” – André Claro

Days spent in Alhaurín are coming to an end. André Claro, 26 year-old striker that first arrived at Estoril Praia back in January – evaluates the first moments of the new season and highlights the will to offer all fans plenty of celebration moments, in an interview to Mágico’s website.

How as it been to be once again working with Pedro Emanuel and all of the technical team for these past months?
André Claro (AC) – I have worked with mister Pedro for two years in FC Arouca, it was him who took me to premier in the first league so it’s no news to me that he is always able to bring something positive to the teams he works with. In Estoril that also happened, mister brought in many positive things and this eventually increased the team’s value and also the value of the individual players, that are highly coveted at this time.

How do you evaluate the preparation days spent in Spain?
AC – They have definitely been the best preparation season I have had as the overall conditions are very good and also because we are facing teams coming from top European championships. During these matches we have been able to confirm that we are in no regard inferior to them.

In your opinion what are the benefits of these regular pre-season matches?
AC – Games at this stage are mostly a good way to physically prepare us so we can enter the competition with a high performance level. These are intense games held every three days. It’s obviously highly wearing and demanding but once we reach the official matches we will be already at the desired pace.

How is the group?
AC – In what refer to training I feel we are all highly receptive to all the information the mister wants to share with us. Out of this work focus environment there is always good music and fun and these are things that have always been a constant during this preparation season.

What are your expectations for the upcoming competitions?
AC – Our expectations as a group at the time are very high as we know we have a high quality squad. Individually I want to be able to do better than what I did last year.

Finally, one message you’d like to share with the people that follow and support Estoril Praia?
AC – The Mágico fans are amazing. When I first joined the team last year, it was in need of all the support possible and the fans stood by us every step of the way. They are extremely positive. We are going to give our everything to assure plenty of celebration moments and I sincerely hope that by the end of this season everyone is happy with the results we’ve conquered.

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