“These have been pretty intense days” – Aylton Boa Morte

He was one of the first backups to be announced for this next season and he is running to catch up to the pace of a demanding first league of Portuguese football. Having been in Alhaurín for the past three days, Aylton Boa Morte spoke about these first weeks in Estoril Praia.

What are your thoughts on the spot and on the pre-season itself?

Aylton Boa Morte (ABM) – It’s being really good. It’s an experience I haven’t had before and we are in a neighboring country, one of the countries I was eager to get to know a little bit better. The venue is awesome, with really good conditions and very peaceful. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

How are these first days with the team?

ABM – To tell you the truth these days have ben really intense, be it when we were at the Stadium and even now, staying here, the heat has also been quite intense. But I’m doing really well, adaptation is going well and I’ve been working hard to get up to the squad’s fast rhythms asap.

What are the main differences between the work mode of Estoril and your previous team?

ABM – When I first arrived I noticed the difference in intensity,  it is very high in Estoril and a bit different than what y experience was in the prior four years. Estoril is a very demanding Club and that is going to be really good for me.

What has pleasantly surprised you the most?

ABM – Everything and everyone. I would like to thank the way I was welcomed and the trust that everyone has placed in me, from the coach, the technical team, my fellow players and the Management. I’m very happy.

How would you describe your work team? And the coach Pedro Emanuel?

ABM – It is a very united and work focused group. As for the coach, so far, he has given me loads of confidence to keep working with maximum commitment, he is demanding and that is a good thing so we can all fight to get to where we want to.

How are your family and friends dealing with this change in your life?

ABM – They are very happy as they know my dream is to play in the Liga, and that I’ve had this dream for a long time, they have always been with me in my battles and they’ve always kept their faith in me. The believed that the day my dream would come true would finally arrive, and it has. Now it’s a matter of working harder and harder so that they can feel even prouder.

What are your goals for this season?

ABM – I want to show my work and dedication and to support my colleagues in everything, being focused in the goals we have set collectively.

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